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 The March Madness And The Final Harvest Sales

All information pertaining to both sales can be found here. Individual lot information and pictures will be updated around 30 days prier to each sale date. If sale date has expired, lot info and pictures are from previous sale, unless its 30-60 days until new sale date. Info and pictures are left up as references. Check back frequently for new updates. March Madness is usually always the last Saturday in February, and Final Harvest is usually always the 1st Saturday in November.  

March Madness Sale

In the section below you will find info on lots we consign to the March Madness Sale and info pertaining to the sale itself such as date, time, and location.

CCF42 Don't Start Dirty Dancing --- Lot 5

ABGA# 10871933 DOB 2-21-21 
CCF42 Down And Dirty (10851611) X 1Haze Start The Rumors (10706960)

Teats: clean 1x1. Pigment: full. Who doesnt like a little "dirty dancing"? We wanted to start our lots off with a bang and we feel Dancer fits the bill. She stands wide on good bone, but still manages to look like a female. She has excellent horn and head shape, with the neck extension we all look for. Study her overall confirmation and you'll see a doe who's deep bodied, with good rack shape, and deep heart girth. We feel this young lady could do fairly well in the show ring her yearling year. She was shown once as a junior but was still very green and she didnt place at the very top of the class. She has matured well over the fall and winter months. Her sire, Down And Dirty was a home grown buck we thought highly of. He has moved on to Thailand to pursue his career there. His dam, Turn Around For Me had one of the best udders we've ever seen on a boer. Perfect size, shape, and teats. Dirty produced some really nice kids for us. Dancer's dam, Rumor has been a joy to have in our program. She has produced 5 sets of kids for us and we've kept back several of her sons and daughters. in fact, the kidding in 21' not only produced Dancer but her twin brother, Dirty Rumors, who won his first overall at just 5 months of age. Dancer is really an all-around package - its what we strive to make here at Clear Creek - she's got the bone, she's got the frame, and she's got the proven genetics to be a producer.     
CCF42 Diamond In The Rough ---Lot 27

ABGA# 10871930 DOB 2-13-21
SGR Mister Mystery (10734970) X AABG Creamsicle (10640323)

Teats: clean 1x1. Pigment: full. Who doesnt love a good blonde? Our next lot is the only percentage we have consigned. We have a few percentage does in our herd and we really enjoy showing them. Diamond screams femininity without crossing the line to dainty. She might not have the biggest bone of ant goat in the sale, and she might not be the widest, but we guarantee she makes up for that in prettiness and productivity. When she was born, both Jason and I agreed that she was hands down the prettiest kid ever born on our farm. Diamond was a bottle baby as she was a triplet. We are keeping back her twin sister . Obviously Diamonds sire, SGR Mister Mystery needs no introduction. He was without a doubt the most influential buck we have used to date. We recently sent in his nomination for ennoblement, and he is only 2 kids with 5 points away from his Sire Of Merit as well. Diamond was part of the last group of natural kids we'll ever get from him, and she is probably the last of his progeny that will be offered to the public. Diamonds, dam Carmel is no slacker herself, 1/2 Nubian she has absolutely been one of, if not, the most prolific female on our farm. She outproduces herself every, single, time. Carmel is the dam to Chocolate Cream who is the dam to Bewitched the junior % we showed last year who won practically every show she was entered in last summer. If you are looking for a doe who will outproduce herself, look no further. We feel Diamond, with her sweet and calm disposition, would be perfect for the young 4-Her pr FFAer, looking to build up their herd. 
CCF42 A Whole Lotta Rebellious --- Lot 49

ABGA# 10884962 DOB 3-8-21
ADVBG Rebellious Decision (10838384) X GHCF Phoenix From The Ashes (10801998) 

Teats: clean 1x1. Pigment: full. We are going to throw a wrench in as our 3rd lot in the sale is a little different. All red, "Lotti" is unique. Lets start with the obvious. Her sire is the extremely popular Rebellious Decision, he doesnt need ant introduction, highly successful in the show ring and breeding pen. Now lets take a look at her bottom side: PTR Moonslinger over WDTM Black Moon. Yes, you read that right. Unanimous Decision/Rebellious Decision over Moonslinger. You dont see that every day. As you can see the cross worked fairly well. After talking with Chris and Braydon, we have concluded this doe still has a TON of growing left to do. Look at her skull, look at the width between her eyes and horns, her body just hasnt caught up with it yet. This doe is super unique in both her genetic and structural makeup. Wouldn't you like a piece of both legacies? We are keeping back her twin sister, and brother, so we wanted to share the wealth. 
CCF42 Blossom In The Snow --- Lot 71

ABGA# 10872473 DOB 3-3-21
HHFG A Freak Decision (10850707) X NOSSAB'S Snowflake (10786848)

Teats: clean 1x1. Pigment: full. This doe is one I really didnt want to let go. She has been one of my - Brooke - favorites since she was born. But when we agreed to be in the sale, I knew we'd have to bring some good ones, so here she is. Blossom has a friendly and curious disposition, she is easy to handle and maneuver. She has a clean, tight chest, and lots of free movement. I wish her neck were a bit longer, but it ties in nicely to the shoulders. She also has a wonderful wedge development which will serve her well when it comes time for her to have babies. Her sire, Freak has put some excellent kids on the ground for us. His kids are the ones people notice first when they come to visit. He did exactly what I intended him to do when I bought him; add 3-dimensional muscle. You can see the evidence of that in Blossom. Her dam, Snowflake, carries some awesome genetics as well. You dont see many direct Beast Mode daughters around anymore. I really dont think you can go wrong with this one. 
CCF42 Karen --- Lot 93

ABGA# 10897685 DOB: 4-22-21

CCF42 Down And Dirty (10851611) X GHCF Iron Hawk's Attina (10790271)

Teats: 1x1 with a well spaced non-functional on e/ side. Pigment: full. Oh Karen LOL. This one blended in in plain site. But boy, oh boy, when we got her out and fitted her up it was like, whoa. She matured before our eyes and we feel that she is the strongest one of our lots. She is pretty, but carries the frame size to get noticed. She is wide through the shoulders without losing function and she stands on excellent feet and legs. We feel this one has the potential for an active and successful show career. Her sire, Down And Dirty has moved on to Thailand, where he will father more offspring and help them advance their program there. He contributed to her width and deep heart girth. Her dam, Attina, was an absolute barn favorite, everyone loved Attina. Dont let this young princess, packed with potential pass you by, after she's done winning you ribbons, she'll go on to out produce herself in the kidding pen. 

The Final Harvest Sale

In this section you will find info about the lots we've consigned to the Final Harvest Sale. The sale took place in Morehead, KY at Richardsons Arena on November 3rd 2022. We have been a part of this sale for 2 years, 3 years in 2023. Look for info here early fall on the 2023 sale. 

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