The Legendary Sale

We have decided to consign to only 1 sale in 2021. That is The Legendary Sale in London, OH on April 24th, at the Madison County Fairgrounds  
Videos of all 4 lots are available!! If interested in viewing a video, or would like additional information, please message us!
CCF42 Call To Prayer --- Lot 6
ABGA# 10851608 DOB 3-20-20 
BDLF Cruise Control x CCF42 Faith Is A Mystery
This doe did not want to cooperate for her photo shoot, so pictures are not a good as I was hoping. We have owned this does entire maternal line. We have her dam, her granddam, and her great-granddam who is still kicking and spitting out kids at 10 years old. Her granddam was one of out best show does. Her top side is nothing but color, so cross her with a good colored buck and you have a 75% chance of getting colored babies. There is no fluff or puff with this one. What you see is literally what you get. Pigment is 100%, bite is good, teats are 1x1 with a non functional and high kicker on each side. 
CCF42 Belle Botom Jeans ---Lot 23
ABGA# 10851609 DOB 3-19-20
MW8 Westfalls Rollin Coal x ZK Annabelle
Here is another one thats hard to find holes in. She is a granddaughter to the great SGR Caddy's Bring It On on the bottom side. Her mama, Annabelle is one of our absolute best brood does, so the maternal runs deep. She has a moderately wide chest floor and a hip that goes on forever. She is long bodied and long in her stride as well. Bite is correct, pigment is around 75% at this time, teats are clean 2x2. 
CCF42 Pretty In Pink --- Lot 43 
ABGA# 10716818 DOB 4-7-16
MFR1 2DOX Royal Colors *ennobled* x FSE Perpetual
This one should not be leaving our farm. The genetics she carries are getting extremely hard to find, not only that but she is a brood doe deluxe. She has kidded for us 4x, having triplets 2 of those times with zero complications. We are keeping 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters. I wanted to bring something unique to this sale and I think she wraps that up in one fine package. She is also very hardy, with low worm counts. Bite is correct, pigment is about 75%, teats are 2x1. Kidded in February. Kid does not sell with her. Never been flushed. 
CCF42 Love Lies --- Lot 64
ABGA# 10844489 DOB 4-20-20
SGR Mister Mystery x MW8 Westfalls Absolutely Dimensional
This one has donor written all over her! She is one we should absolutely be hauling to shows this summer, as we feel she could be very competitive. She is one of the best does in our yearling pen and the best of our lots in this sale. She is extremely square off all 4 corners and as wide from stifle to stifle as you could want one. She simply doesnt have any bad angles. She looks good from the front, the rear, and the profile. She is also likely to be the last Mister Mystery daughter we offer to the public. Bite is good. pigment is 100%, teats are clean 1x1.