Brood Does

Our herd consists of 17 does of breeding age and 10 juniors. Our motto and business statement is; quality over quantity, so when you buy from us, you buy with confidence. 

GHC Stargate's Tiger Queen
DOB: 1-14-17
Sire: 3LF Stargate *ennobled* (3LF Stash The Cash x DMBR Rad's Little Red Corvette)

Dam: WDTM Black Queen (JRB2 B538 x WDTM Sunshine)
She is fullblood
She had a single doe kid on 12-11-19
RBMG Slip N Slide 
DOB: 9-5-20

SIRE: RMBG Julio (RMBG Redden Achilles *ennobled* x RMBG Blame It On My Roots)

DAM: MMM3 Triple M Ranch Lambegine (2M High Roller x BAB4 Malibu) 
She is full blood
Dry Ridge Farm Sugar *ennobled* Not for sale
DOB: 5-8-11

SIRE: ROSE 3TRI Y378 (AABG Status Quo *ennobled* x DER Rachel's Blast) 

DAM: T F 'S Kaylin (RRD Ammo V704 *ennobled* x TF TF's K-Line)
She is fullblood

FOR SALE - $2,500
COY2 Shipley's Midnight StrollNot for sale
DOB: 12-20-14

DAM: Dry Ridge Farm Sugar *ennobled* (ROSE 3TRI Y378 x TF's Kaylin) 

SIRE: Hillside Hitmans Dark Mark *ennobled* (Rowdy MTNS Red Holler Hitman x Rose Hillside Darkside *ennobled*)
She is fullblood
She has 70 personal ABGA show points, with 6 progeny points.
JRCN Boer Goats Loving Heart
DOB: 1-7-18

SIRE: JRCN Boer Goats RDT Shadow (JRCN Boer Goats Raps Done That x Red5 Rose Of Sharon)

DAM: AOPV Hearts Alive (BOC Tumbleweeds Bo Cephus Hustler x AOPV Hearts On Fire)
She is a full blood
1Haze Start The RumorsNOT FOR SALE!
DOB: 1-30-16

SIRE: QA Boxcar Billy *ennobled* (QA Catillac x AABG NBD Katniss)

DAM: REIS Zorra (REIS Bulldog x PHBG MAC 201)
She is fullblood
She has 1 personal ABGA show point
CCF42 Pretty And In Control 
DOB: 2-1-20

SIRE: BDLF Cruise Control (CRA3 BDLF Copper Still *ennobled* x LANHA Polka Paint)

DAM: CCF42 Pretty Miracle (SGR Mister Mystery x CCF42 Pretty In Pink) 
She is fullblood
Clear Creek Leather And LaceNot for sale
DOB: 2-2-16

SIRE: Red Barn Farm Custom Made (1RB Streak *ennobled* x BSA Double Dees *ennobled*)

DAM: CSA CCF Marshmallow Fluff (DED Dodge A Flash Of Nitro x RSKS Ruby)
She is fullblood
She has 31 personal ABGA show points
RIP - May 2021
ZK Annabell 
DOB: 12-21-17

SIRE: SGR Caddy's Bring It On *ennobled* (AABG Cadillac *ennobled* x SGR Lipsticks Painted Version *ennobled*)

Dam: AABG Im Gonna Let It Shine (AABG As Good As It Gets *ennobled* x EGGS Playing Diamonds) 
She is full blood 
GHCF Iron Hawks Attina DOB: 6-4-17

SIRE: CSB Iron Hawk (CSB/MCR Limited Edition *ennobled* x CSB Sweet As Sugar) 
Dam: HOBBY Navajo Biz Ariel (KRG Rugers Navajo x HOBBY Duke Ariel)

She is fullblood
FOR SALE - $1,200
GHCF Moonslingers Phoenix From The Ashes
DOB: 3-2-18

SIRE: East Heritage PTR Moonslinger *ennobled* (RBBG1 Paint The Town Red *ennobled* x East Heritage Moon River)

Dam: WDTM Black Moon (JRB2 B538 x WDTM Moonshine)

She is fullblood
ZTJ Cinderfreakinella 
DOB: 1-10-20

SIRE: 2CCB SJC9 Kingpin's Whodeewho (KMBG1 Kingpin *ennobled* x LK7 Ultra Violet)

Dam: wether bred

She is 50%
CCF42 Magoo's Midnight Renegade 
DOB: 4-19-19

SIRE: MW8 Westfall's Mr. Magoo *ennobled* (Harmony Hill Cash The Check *ennobled* x MVP Westfall's Ms. Magoo *ennobled*)

DAM: COY2 Shipley's Midnight Stroll (Hillside Hitmans Dark Mark *ennobled* x MEN Dry Ridge Farm Sugar *ennobled*) 
CCF42 Sweet Treat 
DOB: 5-1-20 

SIRE: SGR Mister Mystery (Westfall's Man Of Mystery *ennobled* x SGR Miss Reba *ennobled*)

DAM: DSM F82 (DSM Quater Mile x DSM C135)

She is full blood
NOSSAB'S Snowflake
DOB: 2-24-18

SIRE: BGR'S Beast Mode (CSB Broken S Smoken Hot Ruger *ennobled* x RDBG C14)

DAM: AFB2 Out Of Control *ennobled* (AFB2 Paint By Colors *ennobled* x AABG NBD First Luv *ennobled*) 

She is full blood
CCF42 Walk This Way DOB: 4-20-19 #10812392
SIRE: SGR Mister Mystery (MW8 Westfalls Man Of Misery *ennobled* x SGR Miss Reba *ennobled*)
DAM: 1HAZE Start The Rumors (QA Boxcar Billy *ennobled* x REIS Zorra) 
For sale - $1,000 SOLD
HSFG Rock The Snow
DOB: 11-27-18

Sire: HSFG Black Rock (HSFG Hillside EE Dark Eggspectations x ROSE Y82 *ennobled*)

She is 50% 
FOR SALE - $1,000 SOLD
GRI Honey Hollow Red La Rosa
DOB: 1-14-18

Sire: TMB Coppertox's Best Mark (RCD Lazy S-T Coppertox x NATS In Ur Wildest Dreams)

Dam: TBP Beyer Patch Eye Cee Red (TBP Beyer Patch Eye Of The Cat x TBP Beyer Patch Frosted Brown)
Red Bud Boers Simple Dixie
DOB: 2-2-2019

Sire: SGR Mister Mystery (Westfalls Man Of Mystery *ennobled* x SGR Miss Reba *ennobled*)
Dam: CCF42 Simple Melody (Red Barn Farm Custom Made *ennobled* x STO Cinnamon Spice Girl) 
RIP - February 2021
MW8 Westfall's Absolutely Dimensional
DOB: 3-5-18

Sire: AABG NBD I Cant Drive 55 *ennobled* (AABG Matter Of Fact x AABG NBD Golden Goose)
Dam: DHTBG Cool Whip (P1 ROR1 Cool Dimension x DHTBG Red Hot)
CCF42 Faith Is A Mystery
DOB: 1-30-18

Sire: SGR Mister Mystery (Westfall's Man Of Mystery *ennobled* x SGR Miss Reba *ennobled*)
Dam: COY2 Leap Of Faith (NSA S Master Caboose x Dry Ridge Sugar *ennobled*)
FOR SALE - $1,500
AABG 2DOX Turn Me Around aka Turn Around
AABG 2DOX Turn Around For Me

AABG Kingdom Come (BDK2 AABG Own The Throne *ennobled* X EGGS Playing Diamonds)
AABG 2DOX She's A Bad Mama Jama (AABG CCF2 The Heat Is On X AABG 2Dox Totally Smitten)
RIP - April 2021
NOSSAB'S Red Velvet DOB: 2-26-18 #10786851

SIRE: 2M Boer Goats Forged In Fire *ennobled* (AABG Woodford Reserve *ennobled* x GF5 Goodwin Farm Cash's Homerun) 

DAM: 2M Boer Goats Cinnamon Twist *ennobled* (2M Ace In The Hole *ennobled* x NF3 Newton Farms Square Cooky) 
Mayo's Kershaw Connection 
DOB: 12-24-19
SIRE: Teel Take 5 (AABG NBD Face The Facts *ennobled* x AABG NBD Neridia)

DAM: WRL2 Grainger's Undercover Crush (BLSM Girl Crush x NATS Graffiti's Grainger)