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Around The Farm!

Can you say, junk-in-the-trunk_!
1Haze Start The Rumors and CCF42 Pretty
SGR Mister Mystery getting brushed by a groomer in training.
SGR Mister Mystery
SGR Mister Mystery
Gunn1 War Machine
Gunn1 War Machine
RMA2 I'm A Dream (sold)
Red Barn Farm Custom Made *ennobled*. RIP November 2017
SGR Mister Mystery
Some of the yearling girls 2017
CCF42 Pretty In Pink
Newton Farms Rocken The Smoke, 1Haze Start The Rumors, and CCF42 Pretty In Pink
RMA2 I'm A Dream (sold)
Gunn1 War Machine
A few of the brood does
Red Barn Farm Custom Made
1Haze Start The Rumors and CCF42 Pretty In Pink, enjoying hay.
Dry Ridge Farm sugar taking a rest
CCF42 Boom Chicka Pop getting a bath
3Tri Neapolitan (sold) and LANHA As Good As It Gets ~ she is a barren doe.
Some of the 2017 kids
CCF42 Leather And Lace
SGR Mister Mystery in his working clothe
Always such a pretty sight.jpg
Some of the girls out enjoying cool fall weather.
SGR Mister Mystery as a 2 year old in his working clothes.
Lazy S-T Cocoa Pebbles
CCF42 Pretty In Pink
CCF42 Brandywine and CCF42 Midnights Dark Blessing
CCF42 Brandywine and CCF42 Painted Daisy
Family posing in front of the farm sign with farm dog Bear, CCF42 Leather And Lace, and CCF42 Brandywine. 
STO Cinnamon Spice Girl (sold) enjoying the snow.
Lola (sold) and her baby boy on a winters afternoon
Ivy (sold) says she's sick of winter!
OGFA Outback's Strawberry Fields
Some of the yearling girls.
SGR Mister Mystery has plenty to smile about.
CCF42 Lady In Waiting (sold)
CCF42 Chocolat (sold)
A couple of the 2018 kids playing
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