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Past Bucks

No longer standing at Clear Creek
Red Barn Farm Custom Made *ennobled* (ABGA# 10597296) DOB 2-10-13
Dam: BSA Double Dees *ennobled
Sire: Red Barns Streak *Ennobled*
Custom is a massive buck with tremendous amounts of bone. He throws stout kids who are full of muscle and mass from front to back. He has a total of 194 personal and progeny points. Semen is available for $40 a straw (check with B&G Genetics), and live cover for $250. Custom Made is now OFFICIALLY ennobled! At almost 5 years old he's still rearing to go and very much a gentle giant.  
SOLD. He is now standing at his new home in North Carolina. 
He is now ennobled!

Gunn1 War Machine *ennobled* (ABGA# 10704404) DOB 1-2-16

Sire: H-4 War Horse C25

Dam: RKYS D32

War Machine is a tremendous young red buck. He won his first Overall Grand Championship in April 2016 at the age of 3 months in Texas! He won his 2nd overall in September 2016. One judge said that War Machine had the deepest rack of any buck at the show. He currently has 65 personal points and 35 progeny points. He is only 1 kid away from ennoblement! A VERY limited amount of semen straws are available through B&D Genetics. No longer standing at Clear Creek. RIP - July 2019. 

Came in 8th place in a very tough 24-36 month class at the 2018 ABGA National show!

 Senior Herdsire RIP: 11-5-20
He has earned his ennoblement!

SGR Mister Mystery  *ennobled* ABGA# (10734907) DOB 9-10-16
Sire: Westfalls Man Of Mystery *ennobled*
Dam: SGR Miss Reba *ennobled*
In May 2017 we were fortunate enough to add this fabulous young buck to our line upHis pedigree speaks for itself. He comes from a very long line of proven genetics and show winners and he is  following right along in their hoovesteps. Already he has multiple overalls and reserve overalls under his belt, as well as class and division wins, from limited showing with an earning of 123 points, and 2 progeny points from a full blood daughter and 30 from a % daughter! We expect great things from him. Kids have arrived and they are blowing us away.  A VERY limited amount of semen straws are available through B&D genetics.
Not for sale! RIP - 11-5-20. You were the bestest boy. 

He won the 20-24 month class at the 2018 ABGA National Show!

MW8 Westfalls Rollin Coal ABGA# (10815013) DOB: 1-2-19 
Sire: AABG NBD I Cant Drive 55 *ennobled*       Dam: COY2 Midnight Stroll
Coal is a great addition to our breeding program. We look forward to seeing kids out of him in February 2020



BDLF Cruise Control ABGA# (10811405)
DOB: 12-22-18
Sire:CRA3 BDLF Copper Still *ennobled*
Dam: LANHA Polka Paint

Cruise is a nice young buck who is just coming into his own. He has been shown, but unfortunately has not acquired any points. The hope is he jump starts our colored program.

CCF42 Down And Dirty DOB: 1-12-20 ABGA# 10851611 
Dam: AABG 2DOX Turn Around For Me (AABG Kingdom Come *ennobled* x AABG 2DOX She's A Bad Mama Jama)
Sire: NOSSAB'S The Rock (2M Forged In Fire *ennobled* x 2M Cinnamon Twist *ennobled)

We are really excited about this young stud and cant wait to get him in the ring in 2021.

Picture taken on 11-7-20. Sold and moved to Thailand
HHFG A Freak Decision ABGA# 10850707
DOB: 9-14-20
Sire: PFW Show Me Boers Strategic Decision (TST1 Strategic Power *ennobled* x PFW Show Me Boers Dance Hall Girl)

Dam: 2M Boers Goats Cinnabon (2M Ace In The Hole *ennobled* x Newton Farms Face The Ace E118 *ennobled*) 

We bought this young stud to replace Mister Mystery. 

picture taken on 11-7-20 Sold
CCF42 Dirty Rumors - #10871932
DOB: 2-21-21

Sire: CCF42 Down And Dirty (NOSSAB'S The Rock x AABG 2DOX Turn Around For Me)
Dam: 1HAZE Start The Rumors (QA Boxcar Billy *ennobled* x REIS Zorra) 
This young wippersnapper has impressed us from day 1. RIP July 2021
Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in our bucks, and to all those who trusted us by using them for live cover! Your business is truly appreciated! Good luck with your 2021 kids, 

Current Bucks 

CCF42 Whiskey Causes Chaos ABGA# 10912437
DOB: 3-15-22
Sire: ADVBG HAVOK (ADVBG Unanimous Decisi0on *ennobled* x MM7 Sausalito)

Dam:  2M KATE SPADE (2M Trouble *ennobled* x 2M Janie) 
Picture taken in June 2022
This awesome buck is a banger, we are excited and grateful to have him standing at Clear Creek. 

He placed 9th at the 2022 National show.
CCF42 Troubadour - #coming soon. DOB 2-11-22.
Sire: EKB1 BASHFORD'S G-WAGON (AABG NBD I Cant Drive 55 *ennobled* x MW8 Westfall's June Bug *ennobled*) 
Dam: NOSSAB'S SNOW FLAKE (BGR's Beast Mode *ennobled* x AFB2 Out Of Control *ennobled*) 

This cool young buck with his all-white ear, is packed with muscle, and we cant wait to get him into the ring next spring. 
Clear Creek Farm copy_preview.jpg
ZTJ What Wouldja Do For A Klondike Bar
ABGA# 10888247 DOB: 11-16-20
Sire: SGR Klondike *ennobled* (Ward's Cat In The Hat *ennobled* x SGR Polar's I've Got Lipstick *ennobled*) 
Dam: ZTJ Kiss My Sass (TAM Mr Freckles x 1LDF Shine's Midnight Merlot) 
Will be for sale December 2022
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